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Biological determinants of international order

Seminar presented by Associate Professor Sarah Percy, Professor Linda Richards and Professor Robbie Wilson , 9 October 2019, 12-1pm, as part of the Seminar Series "Futures of International Order" at the University of Queensland  more

In an increasingly globalized world, nationalism is on the rise. International institutions are in decline. How can scholars of History and International Relations help us understand the relevance of international thinking in the 21st century? The ‘International Thinking’-Initiative pioneers systematic multi-disciplinary research on the nature and development of the modern international order  more



Professor Chris Reus-Smit

School of Political Science and International Studies

University of Queensland

Professor Glenda Sluga

Laureate Research Program in International History

University of Sydney

Anne Orford: Mare Nostrum: International Law, Spatial Order, and the Mediterranean, 2016

Glenda Sluga: Nationalism, Internationalism and the Legacies of the First World War, 2014

Chris Reus-Smit and Tim Dunne: The Globalization of International Society, 2017